EMC Protection

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of a technical device not to interfere, or to be interfered, by other devices from unwanted electrical or electromagnetic effects. In order to ensure the desired function, properly constructed and designed electrical equipment, especially in an electromagnetically compatible manner, is essential.

EMC optimisation of plastic enclosures

Depending on your requirements, we offer three EMC-coating processes:

  • Coating with copper conductive lacquer
  • Copper-Chromium-Nickel vaporisation
  • Aluminium vaporisation

In all three processes, an electrically conductive coating is applied to the inside of the enclosure. In addition, we use a metal-coated HF sealing to create a circumferential contact and thus a seamless shielding between the enclosure cover and base. The mechanical properties of the plastic are not changed by the coating.

EMC optimisation of aluminium enclosures

Due to the electrically conductive base material, aluminium enclosures offer a significantly better basic shielding than plastic enclosures without additional adjustments. For further optimisation, we keep the seal contour (tongue and groove) completely free of paint. In addition, we install a conductive HF sealing to create a circumferential contact and thus a seamless shielding between the enclosure cover and base part.

To complete the EMC measures, we offer appropriate EMC cable glands in various materials for cable entry. These have a connection possibility of the cable shield to the enclosure ground connection.

The possibilities of EMC optimisation are not limited to the enclosure itself. A significant increase in shielding performance can be achieved by using components or assemblies that are insensitive to electromagnetic interference.

Please note: The confirmation of insensitivity to interference and sufficiently low interference emissions are regulated by EMC guidelines. In this case, a separate proof must be provided by an independent laboratory.


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